Basics about Elements: "Content Area"

Hello, I read your KB and googled & looked at images, but still have no clue what exactly is a “content area” and how to use it. Is there a sample somewhere?

Likewise, what is the Element “Content Area Dropdown”?

Hi @iamwithU,

Content Area is actually a blank slate element which allows you to add your custom HTML code and it shows in the front end of the website.

The normal Content Area element showed the code you add in the editor of that element directly without any manipulation. But the Modal and Dropdown versions add a modal and dropdown then show the HTML code that you have.

For more information I suggest that you check the articles below:

Thank you.

Wow, thank you Christopher, for your superbly prompt reply.

I see - so Content Area is for advance developers. As I don’t know coding or HTML, I guess it’s not for me then!

Great support! :grinning:

Hello There,

You’re most welcome. It is good to know that @christopher’s reply has been useful and very informative to you.


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