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Hello everybody,

with your help, I did a minor modification to my site that allows me to open a image (let’s say it’s a webcam-snapshot) directly in a lightbox by clicking a menu-entry. That works perfectly I created a child-theme for that modification.
Now I’m asking if there a possibility to force auto-reload/refresh that image automatically at a specific interval, let’s say, 5 minutes or so?
I found a couple of ways to autoreload a image in a post, but I don’t know how to implement that into the lightbox-image.

My site is and the image/lightbox I’m talking about is unter the menu entry “KALTERN->NEU Webcam Sölvahof”

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello @xoa,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I believe you are looking to create lightbox gallery. You can refer our shortcode to have that effect.

You can also refer following article for more options:

Let me know if that answers your question.


Hello, thank you for your reply. I checked out your links, but I don’t think that solves my problem. I did a minor change the way I implement the image to my site.
Here is the link to the site:

No there I have my image set up as a responsive lightbox with the following shortcode in Cornerstone:

[block_grid type="one-up"] [block_grid_item] [image class="my-portfolio" src="" id="it" alt="Webcam" type="thumbnail" link="true"" title="Webcam Sölvahof"][/block_grid_item] [/block_grid][lightbox selector=".my-portfolio" deeplink="true" opacity="0.875" prev_scale="0.75" prev_opacity=0.75" next_scale="0.75" next_opacity="0.75" orientation="horizontal" thumbnails="true"]

All I want to do now is to reload/refresh that image automatically every 5 minutes.

Hi there,

It’s correct and working, but I’m not sure about the auto-reload the image for every 5minutes. You mean the lightbox should re-open in every 5mins? Because I don’t know the benefit of reloading since it will be just the same image. You may want to consult it to a developer of it’s something complex which maybe not possible with the current lightbox


Hi Rad,

maybe I explained a little bit confusing. I just like to reload the image inside the lightbox. At the moment I have to reload the whole page by hand to get the updated picture. To reduce traffic and make it more easy for visitors, I’d like to reload just that very image in the code above automatically every 5 minutes.

Hi there,

This seems to be a complex Ajax functionality to only load the image inside the lightbox and show it every 5 minutes. That is not a simple task and involves many complex backend and frontend customization and most probably not possible with the current implementation of our Lightbox shortcode. You will need to find a lightbox plugin which will support such a functionality which is indeed outside of our support scope.

I suggest that you consult with a developer to be able to implement such a functionality or you can use our paid customization service to do so:

Thank you for your understanding.

Oh I see. Would it bee possible and easier to reload just the div-container?

Hi @xoa,

That might be easier but this would still need custom development.


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