Autoptimize and Cornerstone Issue?

My website - - broke a couple of weeks ago, and although I have the site back up again, I am not able to use cornerstone to make edits. The site is built in cornerstone, so this is a problem. I think the issue is with Autoptimize and Cornerstone not working together, but if I turn off Autoptimize, the site breaks again. I also have Siteground hosting, and although they have tried to figure out what is going on, they are not able to make it work.

I am not tech-savvy (which is why I love X theme) so I don’t know how to troubleshoot this issue myself. Is there a way to get someone to look at the site and tell me how to fix it?

Thanks very much.

Hey @eriqpowers,

I checked the source code of your site and found that the HTML is minified. That mostly the cause of the issue. Autoptimize or other optimization plugins, could cause issues. Though they’re easy to plug and play, they must be configured by a professional to make them work depending on your WordPress setup.

The reason why the issue persists even when you deactivated Autoptimize is caching. Your minified page was cached and that cached version is the one being served and not the updated version. Please clear all caches and deactivate Autoptimize and Siteground’s caching then check if the issue persists. You can contact SiteGround to learn how to clear cache and deactivate caching.


Thanks very much for your recommendations. I’ve cleared cache on both Siteground cPanel and my browser, removed Autoptimize plugin and deactivated Jetpack and SG Optimizer. There is no caching plugin working on the site at the moment.

Still unable to load Cornerstone. Any other suggestions?

Thanks very much for your help so far.

Update: I turned off all plugins, reinstalled X theme and Cornerstone, cleared all caches again, and everything is back to normal. Thanks very much for your help, and now I know how to fix this in the future!

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Thanks for letting us know and sharing the solution!

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