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I want all my images to have auto ilightbox, when “link to” i set to “media file”. How do I achieve that? Please don’t tell me I have to add class to image and then shortcode each time (with no support to shortcodes in standard editor).

Similar problem: when using cornerstone and adding simple image (image or classic image), is there no simple checkbox to enable lightbox?? Do I have to manually add text field after each image? With no support for shortcode genaration in this text field?

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There is no such option in WordPress or Theme to make automatic light-box to all of the images.
either you have to use any third-party plugins or short-code for that.
If you don’t want to use short-code, here is a simple plugins which enables light-box feature to image.

Also you can try searching different option.


But You are using a third party addon and You incorporated it into Your theme. Still, it works in an extremaly elaborate way. How am I gonna tell editors to set custom classes and use shortcodes (without any generator) after EACH image in their posts? If You incorporated the addon, You could have done something to make it viable. For example checkbox when adding images. Or at least use a spefic class (“lightbox”) in image, which would trigger the lightbox. But not bot specific classes and complex shortcodes. I’m sorry, but I am extremaly disappointed :frowning: if You market Your product as having a iLightbox, and then it turns out editors won’t be able to use it in their daily lif… images and their presentation is one of the most important features of my website. One of the reasons of choosing this templatego was having iLightbox included in theme. I used to have many problems with other lighboxes, BUT THEY ALL WORKEY AUTOMATICALLY. Without any coding after each image ;/

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Lightbox on all images is very specific requirement and not all users prefer to have that function. It’s true that X Theme has lightbox feature built in and if a user want to open image in lightbox fashion that you have the option of using Ligbox shortcode. Please take a look here:

That being said, it’s a good idea to have an option in Cornerstone something like a checkbox or a radio button that users can select to open image in lightbox. I am taking this as a feature request and will add into our issue tracker.

However, automatically loading all images in a lightbox fashion is a very specific requirement which you need to use a third party plugin or some custom development work.

Thanks for understanding.

Well, lightbox only shows (or rather, should show) only when You select link to media file. If you don’t, no lightbox. Simple as that. It works that way in foobox and ‘Responsive Lightbox & Gallery’, probably most commonly used addons. Or a simple checkbox would suffice (and default settings for lightbox in theme options). I read the page you linked, but it doesn’t say it doesn’t work traditionally, with just a link to media file. I thought it’s just a description for people wanting to use shortcodes, which are sometimes handy, for example when you want to use lightbox in a specific way.

Once again, I am extremely disappointed, it’s not only lightbox, but most of other elements are incorporated into the theme in a way, that nobody will be able to use them. There are no tools whatsoever to help the editors and not using coding.

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Thank you for your feedback. This has been noted.

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