Assignment of different main menus on individual pages

Hello, this is my first attempt to create a website using Word Press.
I would like to create my website in two language versions. I have created a separate page for each language.

I came across the following problem:
I have to create 2 different headers and footer menus and assign each page to the right menu.

Unfortunately, I have no idea how I can do that, since I can only activate either the English or the German Menu for all pages.

Thank you in advance for the help. :slight_smile:

Hi Till,

Regretfully, with X that would require a custom development which falls outside of the support that we can offer.

However, with PRO and its Header and Footer Builder you can easily create a header and footer and assigned it to specific pages.

Pro - Header and Footer Builder Introduction

Here’s a guide if you decided to convert to Pro

X To Pro Conversion


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