Assign a Orginal header to use Pro Headers


I have been using the Orginal header, but want to intergrate it to the Pro header,

How can I copy the Orginal header to the Pro header, (So I don´t need to create a new header.

Hi There,

Unfortunately that is not possible.

Although the header builder can look challenging at the first look, believe me it is not.

If you share your URL we can guide you how you can rebuild…but let’s say you have the traditional inline header.

You would add a BAR | Add two containers, on the left container you would add an image which would work as a logo…on the left container you would add an inline Menu Element and a Mobile Menu Element (Slide-In or Modal for example). Note that on the header builder you need to add the inline menu + a mobile menu because the conversion is not automatic as on the original header…

On each Bar, Container, Element on the header builder you will find a customize tab which will allow you to hide the element according to the screen width, so you will add the inline menu > click on the customize tab of the element > hide on mobile and tablets…as you will click on the choosen mobile menu > click customize, hide on laptop and desktop.

If you decide to use a stacked style the header, you would add two bars, first bar with the logo and the bar below with the menu elements.

Hope it helps!

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Thanks for this, the url is

Is it possible for you if I grant you access to fix it for me?

Kind regards

Hello @thors,

Thanks for sharing the URL. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that will fall outside the scope of support we offer. But I just checked the website and it seems that the header can easily be created in Pro header builder. For your convenience I have recorded a quick screencast that you can take a look to get started. Please note that I haven’t made any cosmetic changes as it’s just a quick screencast to help you get started. I am also sharing link of our knowledge base articles and video walk-through of header builder that you can take a look:


Header and footer builder introduction: