Any extra patterns?


Is there more patterns with the same idea as that in the hero template?

Hi There,

Thanks for posting in. Are you referring to the templates? If you are using Pro, please check out the Design Cloud. You should be able to use other templates for the header, footer, presets, block and page templates. To know more about the Design Cloud, please check it here:

Hope this helps.

Nah yeah I’ve made use of that but I was referring to the ‘lower layer background’ pattern on the hero template that has that lighter and darker shades. Then you put on the ‘upper layer background’ with color and transparency to change the look of the pattern. I don’t have the actual pattern you have on default but I will include a picture as an example.

HI @aerialconditioning,

The only available patterns or template that we have is here in the design cloud.

Thanks for understanding.

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