Another Validation Error

I apologize, I know there’s ample information on this topic and I’ve read through multiple threads and followed the process in regards to unlinking the site, clearing cache, etc. but I still can’t get the theme validated … It’s version 6.4.6 with the fresh wordpress install on a site with the same url. The problem happened after switching web hosts.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for writing in. It sounds like you’re having a connection issue because if you’re still using the same domain you’ve assigned to your license, you should be able to validate.

Have you gone through the Troubleshooting - Validation Connection Issues article. If not, please try the solutions suggested in the article. Usually, it’s the cURL setup of the web host that is causing the issue. We have a sample letter in the article that you could use to ask your web host.

Also ensure you have not assigned your domain to both the Production and Staging fields.

If you’ve tried every suggestion in the article and nothing helps, please give us WordPress Admin username and password and FTP username and password in a Secure Note. Also post your license key still in the Secure Note so we could test validating your site.


Secure note sent. I followed all the troubleshooting steps and the fields were formatted correctly in the license page. Thanks

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I checked the website and tried to validate the Theme. I can confirm the issue and getting Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account. message.

I checked the licence page and over there I noticed that in URL HTTP was not included. I tried to update the URL but the validation is not going trough. At this moment I suggest you to update X Theme and Cornerstone to latest version 6.5.3 and 3.5.2 respectively to avoid any compatibility related issues.

You can take a look at following resource to update X Theme and Cornerstone.


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