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  1. Since, cornerstone recent update I have been having trouble adding a “Fade in Effect” to new sections. Did you do away with the feature? Or, can it only be used in classic sections? I would prefer to use it in new sections.

  2. My second question is how to resolve a problem I’m having with the lightbox shortcode. Let me explain.
    I’m using the lightbox shortcode on my homepage to display two weekly list of comics.
    However, it seems to be conflicting with my four classic images that have an active link and tooltips in my footer ( Whenever I click one of the images the lightbox appears. That is why I believe my shortcode it conflicting with my images. Can you please look into this conflict?

  3. Lastly, can you tell me how can I “Specify image dimensions”? According to my last SEO report, I have multiple images ( elements) that are missing width and/or height attributes. I have no idea how to do that, since most of my images are background images in sections and other images are added using cornerstone image elements. Is there a way I can edit the image tag to add these attributes manually?

Hey @quituck,

1. The answer to your question can be found in latest Release Notes.

2. Your Lightbox setup targets all images. The Selector should be specific. For more details, please review the Lightbox documentation:

3. Images in V2 Elements include the width and height attributes. If you’re using a Classic Image though, you need to change it to V2 Image as there’s no way to add attributes to it. Images used as background are added by CSS so width and height attributes can’t be applied to them.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for that information.

Can you please clarify my second question? How should I write the lightbox shortcode? So it only targets my image of choice.

Hey @quituck,

To target the specific images with lightbox shortcode, first give your images a class e.g lightbox-image and then use the following lightbox shortcode:

[lightbox selector=".lightbox-image"]

The above shortcode will only target the images that have the class lightbox-image. Hope this helps!

Perfect. Thank you!

We are delighted to assist you with this.


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