Anchor links in main menu are staying highlighted and don't roll over

HI i added the code below
.x-navbar .desktop .sub-menu li.current-menu-item > a {
color:#444444 !important;
same code is here

to make the text anchors have a highlight like a page link in the maIn menu when on the page with lanchors, but for some reason its not working and instead of highlighting its just bolding 2 anchors at once.

Ideally i wanted them to highlight and rollover like the other menu items

any help would be appreciated

Hi @designbabe,

You setup your custom links incorrect.

The currently link is:

It should be:

I also checked your page and I couldn’t find the sections with the ID: gc , owners, structuralengineers

Could you please double check?

Please also take a look at this article:


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