Anchor links all showing as active in the menu

I have created anchor links that are all working well. But the menu now shows all items as active. I fixed this by taking out the URL before the anchor. This won’t work for this site as I will need additional pages with anchors in them.

If you don’t use anchors it is fine also.

so in summary, anchors with full URL do not work correctly and all of the links show as active.

Many thanks in advance


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in!

I am not sure if you are using X or Pro for your site. If you are using Pro then please create two types of menu one with link/#id and another menu with only #id. After that create two similar header one is for home page where you have the one-page menu and inside the header keep the #id the only menu. For other pages header with Link/#id menu.

If you are using X theme this is something need custom code which is out of our theme support scope.

Hope this is clear.


I have found the solution. You need to activate One Page scrolling on the page in the meta details. you also need to put current-menu-item in the CSS-class of the first menu item that you want to be highlighted.

mark as completed.

I was using X theme.

Glad you were able to resolve it :slight_smile:

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