An error occurred while updating X: Update package not available. (but auto update is enabled)

I have not updated my theme in some time. (Site is and when I went to update it today I received the error in the title of this post.

I host via Bluehost and have purged the cache data thinking that maybe was the issue however it does not seem to be doing it.
Because it has been some time since I updated the theme (Since version 4.6) I am not clear what plugins I have installed since that time.
I noticed that Cornerstone plugin was not updating either so I deleted that plugin thinking there was a conflict but it still did not update.

I looked at my license and they seem to be active and accurate as well. I have checked other entries and these items didn’t seem to work for me. I also opted to NOT manually install as everything appears to be setup for auto updates.

Hi Gil,

Please try to revoke your validation then validate the theme again. Here are the steps in Revoking a license:

If you are not seeing the revoke validation option on the top of the page, try scrolling to the most bottom part of the page.

I went to my X theme Dashboard, and revoked the license. I then went to Apex, and had to “unlock” my license that was there and then registered the license.
When I went back into my dashboard it showed there were 2 updates (one for cornerstone and one for Theme X.
when I attempted to update Theme X, I received the package can not be found error.
When I attempt to update Cornerstone, I get the same thing.

I checked you’re site and you’re using incompatible versions of X and Cornerstone. Please try uninstalling Cornerstone then try updating X first. In the process of updating X, it will also install the compatible Cornerstone version.

If that does not help, please still uninstall Cornerstone then manually update X. You can check the manual update instruction at After that, go to X > Validation.

If all else fails, manually update both X and Cornerstone.

It is important that you keep versions compatible in order to avoid conflicts. You can see the list version compatibility list at


Thank you. That seemed to do it. I am having to go back in and reconfigure components that are no longer working such as some of the older plug-ins I had as well as some of the CSS and custom Head files.
Do you know if all of my google analytics tags that I had for validating my site with Google and Bing console will still be in place?


I checked the code and can see that its still intact.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

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