After update site is not working

Hello Xtheme guys,
after updating from 8.2.1. to 8.3.3. site is not working, but only homepage is affected.
I took a print of the error.

I have a backup, site is working, but i can not update.

Hello Josè,

Thanks for writing in! Please update the X theme to 8.3.3 and please do not forget to update the Cornerstone to 5.3.3 as well. After doing the updates, always remember to clear all caches (if you are using WP Rocket, WP SuperCache or W3 Total Cache) when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

And please clear your browser cache too. You may use private browsing mode in testing your site to make sure that you are viewing the latest codes from the updates and not the cached version in your browser.

We would highly recommend that you create a staging site. This is very useful because you can test drive any X updates in the staging area, do the customizations and troubleshooting without disrupting your live site. Once everything is perfect, you can easily and flawlessly proceed with the update on the live site. To know how to create a staging area, please check out these articles:

Best Regards.

Thanks @reunel for your reply,
i tested and problem occurs only when updating theme.

Hi José,

Do you have anything 3rd party script/plugin on your homepage? If so, please try removing it for a while and see if that resolves the issue. The errors on your screenshot provided have similarities with this ticket, that ticket issue has something to do with Ezoic (which has been resolved.)

Let us know how it goes,

Hi @friech,
here is a Print screen of the plugins i am using,
i will try to update theme with plugins turned off.

Hi José,

I would suggest you deactivate and delete the X theme and upload the updated version by downloading for your Themeco Account. While updating the theme, please deactivate the Cornerstone and use the link in the dashboard to automatically install the Cornerstone. It will be at the latest version

Hope it helps.

Thank you @tristup,
i followed your suggestion and the issue continues, only homepage is blank, others pages are OK.

Ho José,

I would also suggest you check the PHP version of your Hosting Server and contact the service provider if it is not the latest version i.e. 7.4. If that is not the case and it is already 7.4, please provide login credentials for your staging site in a secure note to examine it further, including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

To create a secure note, click the key icon underneath any of your posts.


Thank you @tristup, I have 7.4 PHP version.


Ops, sorry I mess up the site trying to update the theme. Can you provide FTP credentials?


No problem, i provide ftp connection

Hey Jose,

X and Cornerstone are now up to date and the issue doesn’t happen on my end (see secure note).

Please clear your browser’s cache and also do try opening your site in other browsers like Firefox.


Thank you Xtheme staff,

Hi José,

You’re welcome and it’s our pleasure to help you! If you have any other concerns regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

Sorry guys, but problem persists,
it works only on main theme not in child theme,
when i activated child theme home page is blank again.

Hi José,

Thank you for that info, I think we narrowed down the culprit issue to your child theme. Can you remove all the customization done on your child theme, and add it one by one. That means you need to remove the custom functions on your child theme’s functions.php file and add it one block at a time while checking the content builder when it starts doing the issue.

Let us know how it goes,

Site is working fine after replacing functions.php file in child theme,
thank you for your support.

You’re welcome.

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