Advise about scrolling brand bar


Agency has static brand list inside white container.

Is it possible to nicely implement rolling line of vendor thumbs? I have about 10 logos to add.

It is only one option using slider for say 3-4 vendor logos per slide?

How would I do it statick;y, say the way you implemented in demo APP. I need to know how to evenly position the logo image holders.


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Yes, with that setup, you can only do that with grid or slider. I recommend using the slider and its carousel feature so you don’t need to add a group of logos per slide. Please check this, just disable the thumbnail navigation and the skew effect.

More information here and


thanks. How to add grid using X cornerstone?

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Please see this knowledge base article about how to create and use grids



I have added Grid and downloaded demo grids. I tried to follow this instruction:
Once your page has loaded in Cornerstone, add one section, or add a new section to a existing page and then go to Elements. Scroll down the elements list and you’ll see we have a new The Grid element:

I cant find The Grid element icon in the list of cornerstone elements. Nowhere to be seen.

the error mesage inside grid settings for any deme grod on preview request: No post was found with your current grid settings. You should verify if you have posts inside the current selected post type…

pls advise why I dont see that green icon


If you have the latest version of the theme, the element is called the classic the grid

Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

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