Advance on where to start

hi guys

this isn’t exactly xpro related but was wondering if anyone here has experience with building a website with nutrition diary like “Myfitness Pal” but in WordPress.
I’ve looked around and searched google but I can’t seem to find any advice on how to do this or any information on plugins or where the data for all the food come from.
I’ve seen a few plugins that allow you to build recipes but not ones that allow you to search for foods your about to eat like the more popular apps out there

any guidance would be great

Hey @bulli79,

That sounds like you will need a combination of a custom post type plugin, a custom field plugin and a search plugin. I’ll give you some ideas but this is beyond the scope of our support therefore we can’t give further input after this.

You might also want to post in our Peer to Peer Forum instead to see if other users have experience.


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