Adjusting the bottom margin in the Headline Element in Cornerstone - X-Theme

Hello, I am trying to remove the bottom padding on the headline element in Cornerstone X-Theme.

I have identified the styling in Chrome Inspect, but don’t know where to make the adjustment in Cornerstone.
Here is a screen shot of the current padding and the desired result below it — changing the 2.15em to 0.

Appreciate any help you can give me, thank you!

Hello @ccwadsworth,

Thanks for writing in!

The headline and most of the elements has its own default margins and padding. Please check out this knowledge base article to know how you can minimize of eliminate it.

Hope this helps.

Hi ReuNel, thanks for your response.
I saw that post and tried the recommendations, neither worked…

Hello there. Thanks for testing out @RueNel’s recommendations. Now we have eliminated a couple of possibilities.

I took a closer look at the screenshot you sent and it looks like you’ve used P as the tag for the headline. This is perfectly valid, of course.

Now, can you check each headline element’s text by clicking on “Edit Text -->” and click the HTML tab…

If you see the text enclosed in <p> </p> tags like in the screenshot above, then there are two ways to solve it.

METHOD 1 - Delete all P tags
While editing the text, use the HTML mode (not the Rich Text mode which is the “T” icon in the screenshot above). Then delete all <p> and </p> tags you find.

You’ll have to do this to every single one of them.

METHOD 2 - Use <div>
This second method is way simpler because you won’t need to do any deleting.

Okay, so edit each headline, then select div as the tag instead of p.

You’ll need to do this to each headline element under consideration.

I would recommend you go with this method as this is more maintainable for you going forward.

If none of these solutions worked, do reach out to us again. I think at this time, it would be better if you can send us your website URL along with its admin login details in a secure note. I’m confident you won’t need to do that, though but it’s expedient that you know what the next steps are in case our suggested approaches fail.

That did it! Thank you!
You know, I’ve noticed that before in working with the headline element and I have gone in and deleted the <p> from the HTML - but I could see the spacing issues while working in Cornerstone. In this case, the spacing looked fine while in Cornerstone so I couldn’t figure it out.
I appreciate your further review and detailed instructions. Thank you very much benursal!

You’re most welcome, @ccwadsworth.

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