Adjusting space below Mobile Menu Button (Hamburger) in NavBar


I want to remove empty space below the mobile “hamburger” menu button. I can’t figure out how to do it. Margin and Padding for .x-btn-navbar does not seem to help. Padding for .x-btn-navbar.collapsed controls space around the three bars. But the NavBar show empty space below the Hamburger. When the menu expands (i.e when Hamburger dissolves) the empty space goes away.


Hi there,

I checked your website and there seem to be many problems that might cause this kind of error:

Please backup your website completely, and update the theme to version 5.2.5 and Cornerstone to 2.1.7. That will fix many of the layout issues including the problem you are experiencing.

Also, there is a problem rendering the font icons and that is why the menu icon is not showing. That is something related to your hosting service provider that you need to follow the article below to fix:

Thank you.

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