Adding shortcodes in text editor in WP bakery

Hello, I think we used to have a button in the toolbar in the text editor in WP bakery that allowed us to add a shortcode. We have updated our X theme and this button is no longer there. Did we do something wrong? Is it still possible to open a catalog of shortcodes from inside the text editor and add them there?


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Are you referring to X Shortcodes generator? If yes, please go to Admin > X or Pro > Settings and enable the Show Legacy Shortcode Generator option.

Then you should open the generator by clicking the icon as this

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Thank you. That helped.

Do I understand correctly that this button is not available in text fields in Cornerstone? I was trying to add a tooltip but was not able to. Any advice?

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You won’t be seeing that inside Cornerstone because most of the shortcodes are Cornerstone elements. That is only recommended to use in WP Bakery Visual Composer or in the default WP Editor.

With the text element and the classic element in Cornerstone, you only have this:

Hope this helps.

Thank you for you help. Yes, I noticed that. However, I did not find an easy way to add a tooltip or a popover in that control. I wonder if I am missing on some other functionality. I found this page

and learnt that I can copy shortcodes from there, but I am not sure if this is an exhaustive list or if there is an easier way to add shortcodes to the text fields. Any tips will be appreciated.

Hi @vba66a

You can check “Shortcodes” section on that page:

For those shortcodes that you can find their relative elements.


Hello There,

The popover and toolltip is not available as a Cornerstone element. You can make use of this shortcode instead:

Just copy and paste it in your page. Make sure you added your own text and save your changes.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you.

You are most welcome!

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