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I’m not understanding why my social media icons are transparent and only change color when hovered over. I was hoping to use more three-dimensional icons, and there’s this instruction: “Adding in a link will make its respective icon show up without needing to do anything else.” However, I’m not clear what link you’re referring to and whether it will display what I’m looking for.

Like this :

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Hello Orlando,

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You can designately mimic the icons using Pro Theme content builder social elements. Here’s a screencast that you can refer:


Thanks for reply but I can’t find this “Advanced Options” feature. Where is it exactly? This is all I see:


Hey @incywincies,

You can enable the Advanced Mode by going to Pro > Settings > Permissions > User Preferences.
Set it to “Always ON”.

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

Awesome…thank you!

You’re welcome, @incywincies.

Hello Jade,

Hmm…so, I set “Always On” for Editor as suggested but “How do I activate Advanced Options?” Staff member Prasant says, “…Pro Theme content builder social elements.” However, I just don’t see that option.

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Hello Orlando,

If you have set to Always ON as suggested by Ruenel on previous answer, that should give you Advance mode on for social elements. Would you mind sharing your site URL and credentials inside a secure note to check which part is missing? Please also add the page you are currently editing. Thank you.

Hi Lely,

I have replied with a secure note.

I am trying to edit appearance of social media profile icons on the homepage bottom footer:

Thank you

Hi @incywincies,

You are still using the Original Footers that’s why you can’t see those options. I would suggest that you use the Footer Bulider so that you can customize your footer including your social media icons. Here’s a tutorial on how to use the Footer Builder

Hope it helps.


Thanks Albrechtx! I’ll give it a try.

Tell us how it goes. :slight_smile:

Thank you…will do!

You are most welcome!

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