Adding HTML/CSS from existing site to Pro child-theme

I currently have an existing HTML website that I am adding a WP blog to. I would like to add the HTML/CSS of the existing site to the Pro child theme for the header and footer, but am having some trouble understanding what files to copy from the main Pro theme to my child theme and where to add the HTML. Where would I begin to look for this?

Hello Rita,

Thanks for the very detailed post information. I have checked your license and I found out that are using Pro theme. Actually, you do not need to edit any files in the child theme to be able to add an HTMLand CSS into the header or footer. Simply create a custom header or custom footer and then with the help of the content area element, you can insert your very own html code for the header or footer. You may also insert the CSS in the CSS section provided in the builder. If you are not familiar yet with the builder, please check this out:

For more knowledge base articles, please check this out:

And even subscribe to our Youtube channel for video tutorials:

Hope this helps.

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