Adding header and global blocks to blog index page

Hi - This seems like a really simple questions, but I just can’t sort it out. Where do I add a header and global blocks to the blog index page?

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The blog index page is the Posts Page - Indexes in the header manager, you can assign your header to this page:

To add the global blocks to the blog index page, please make sure you’ve installed and activated the child theme first:

After that add this custom code under functions.php file locates in your child theme:

function top_content() {
	if ( is_home() ) {
		echo do_shortcode('[cs_gb id=351]');
add_action( 'x_before_view_global__index', 'top_content' );

Don’t forget to replace the [cs_gb id=351] shortcode with yours.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi! Is the header manager part of Pro? I’m in the standard theme. If it is a part of both themes, please help me navigate to it.

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The header & footer manager is only available in Pro theme only:


So, how do I accomplish this with the regular theme? How do I add a header to the blog page?

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In X Theme to have custom header will require custom development which falls outside the scope of support we can offer. However, to get started you can take a look at following article for some help.

You will have to use WordPress conditional tags to make the necessary changes. Here’s resource that you can take a look:

In case you are not comfortable with programming, I suggest you to please take help from a developer.


Okay. Thanks… one last thing - how do I assign any header to the blog page? That should be pretty straightforward - right? :smiley: It sounds like the standard theme is really getting phased out.

Hello @Moonpup,

Thanks for updating the thread.

First, I would like to make it clear that X Theme is not getting phased out. In fact we are investing more to make X Theme more useful and constantly adding more features. However, we launched Pro Theme as we realised that our community members were looking for more control on the website layout. And that’s why we launched Pro Theme that comes with Header and Footer builder, using which users can create global or page specific header and footers.

By default X Theme comes with a global header that’s consistent across the website. To have a different header on a specific page will require custom development. I shared the resources that can be used to get the desired effect. Please take a look at the same.


Great! Thanks for the explanation. That is reassuring since I’ve built so many sites on X. Slider revolution makes it easy to set headers on certain pages, I just can’t sort out how to set it on the blog index page. Can you please tell me where to set the global header? I’m not sure why I’ve had so much difficultly locating this feature. I’ve used it before, but clearly I need a paper trail this time.

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Please be informed that the global header is the default header when you are using X theme. You cannot set any other header for other pages. If you are referring to the slider above your header and would like to add a slider as a global header, there is no setting for it since the slider can only be assigned on a page by page basis. Please check out this article on how you can integrate a slider into your header:

And if you are referring to Pro theme, simply go to Pro > Headers then select a header and you will see the pages on the right side. You can simply click “Make Global”.

Hope this helps.

I am referring to the standard theme. Where do I create a header for the website on the standard X theme that can be applied to the blog page? Anyone that can tell me this information would be my personal hero.

Hello @Moonpup,

As explained in previous responses, in X Theme you get one header that’s consistent across the website. As of now in X Theme you don’t get the option to create separate header for specific page which in your case is Blog page.

However, if you are comfortable with programming then you can definitely have separate header for blog page. We have shared the resources in earlier responses that you can take a look to get started.

Thanks for understanding.

It sounds like we are miscommunication. The way I’ve been adding headers to all my pages is by selecting the header on the page editor. How do I set one header for the whole site - one that is consistent on all pages - and therefore also on the blog page? I have the navigation set up correctly, but I don’t see a way to add a main header - the one that is consistent across the website. Does that make sense? I don’t feel like I am explaining myself very well.

Hello There,

Let me clarify first. Are you referring the the slider as the global header?

With X theme, you do not have any option to add a global header. What you can do is add a custom php code in your child theme’s functions.php file. Perhaps something like this:

function add_global_header() {
	echo do_shortcode('[revolution slider shortcode here]');
add_action( 'x_before_view_global__index', 'add_global_header' );

And when this displays in all over the pages, you might need to disabled the sliders assigned to the respective pages.

Hope this helps.

Amazing… perfect! Thank you. I’ll give it a try and let you know if I have any other questions.

You are most welcome. If you have any questions, please create a new ticket and someone from Themeco support team will help you out. :slight_smile:

Hey @Moonpup if I were you I would check out Pro (your X licenses can be converted to Pro).

You have much more freedom in terms of customization and will be able to assign different headers and navigation menus to specific pages as you wish (without more coding). I used to use X theme for clients, and now converted all of them to Pro. And wouldn’t go back.

I know you’re looking for a solution for X but I’m just saying this in general.


Hi @emile,

Thanks for the clarification!

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