Adding fonts

Been having a pain to add some newer google fonts not included in pro.
Allowing woff uploads is enabled in wp-config.php define( ‘ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS’, true ); while i get this sorted. This allows any fonts to be uploaded to media.

But now the issue is that the font managers import/upload font function only will display ttf. Cannot see or select woff/woof2 files.

What gives? Running on wordpress 5.0.3,

Hey Oskar,

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this issue. This was reported as a bug. For now, please follow the method suggested at


Hi @christian_y
I see, but the problem is not getting them into the media library.
Its selecting them in font manager (step 4).
Could it be some validation in the way pro opens the media dialoge in font manager?

Hi Oskar,

We can confirm this bug and it has been already added to our issue tracker. For now, please follow the workaround here.


Define your Google Font manually by following this guide.


If the font has been properly added in the media, the Font Manager will be able to see it like in the screenshot I’ve posted in the other thread.

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