Adding Cornerstone elements to regular Pages/Post with Shortcode?

Often there is a page or post I want to add some Cornerstone functionality to a page without the bother of converting it to the Cornerstone Page Builder. But it would be impractical to install a bunch of plugins that do the exact same thing as Cornerstone, to have the functionality that’s already built into the theme, but hidden behind the pagebuilder.

For example, we’re currently adding a shopping cart to our site with WooCommerce, and we’d like to add be able to dress it up with features from Cornerstone (like Testimonials). But WooCommerce separates Products from Pages/Posts and thus Cornerstone isn’t an option there (nor would we want our Products made in the page builder).

Is there a way to insert Cornerstone features into regular pages with shortcodes? That seems like the ideal solution. Rather than adding a plugin for each new feature, the ideal solution would be a plugin that allows Cornerstone pieces as shortcodes. Surely this is possible?

Hi There,

Not all Cornerstone elements are available in shortcode form.

You can find our shortcode lists on our Knowledge Base.

Hope it helps

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