Adding an second Project Link In Portfolio Section

I need to customize the Project Link on one of my portfolio pages.
And I also want to add a second project link underneath the first one.
How do I go about doing this?
Here is the URL of the page that I need to customize the project link:
I would like to create a second project link ( button) on each of my portfolio pages to link to this page:
Thank you in advance.

Hi Celine,

Thank you for writing in! Please clarify what customization you need to do with the Project Link button.

You can add a second Project Link field to your portfolio posts using the ACF Pro Extension.


Thanks for your reply. I want to change the title that appears on the pojec LInk button on that one page.

Hi There,

If you just want to change the titles, you can head over to X -> Theme Options -> Portfolio -> Labels area.

Hope that helps.

I need to change the project title on only one on the page:
I need it to say: Watch Untold Now
The rest of the pages I need to say: Buy Now
Thank you

Hi Celine,

In that case, you can set Buy Now for all the pages using the above method through Theme Options.

Then add the following code into your Theme Options > Global JavaScript area to change that particular portfolio item.

jQuery(function() {
  jQuery( ".postid-295 .entry-extra .x-btn.x-btn-block" ).text("Watch Untold Now");

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much!
That fixed my first problem.
Now I am struggling to add the second button below the project link on the my portfolio pages…
I worked with the ACF but I am not able to do what I need.
Any suggestions?
Also I am attempting to add a video to my front page and it is not showing up even if I externally host the video
It is not working in cornerstone

Hi There,

Assuming you already created the custom field (with ACF Pro) and have added the field to your post.

On your parent X theme navigate to \x\framework\views\integrity and copy the file content-portfolio.php

Then navigate to your child theme’s \x-child\framework\views\integrity directory (create it if it does not exist) and paste the copied file.

Open and edit that pasted file and look for this line <?php x_portfolio_item_project_link(); ?>
That is the project link button, you need to output your ACF button just below that.

To output your ACF button, you need this line:

<p><?php the_field('FIELD_NAME'); ?></p>

Replace the FIELD_NAME with your actual field name.

Save the edited file and that should do it.

ACF | Displaying custom field.

Hope it helps,

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