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I know this is super basic but I can’t find it anywhere. How do I add a normal vertical menu to a footer?

Hello Joshua,

Thanks for writing in! The menu in the footer will display a horizontal menu. There will be no sub menus allowed in the footer. What you can do is to enable the footer widget areas instead. Simply go to X > Theme Options > Footers and select the number of columns you would like. You can then go to Appearance > Widgets and insert “Navigation Menu” widget in one of the Footer Widget areas.

Hope this helps.

Just double checking. This means that I cannot use a custom pro footer if I go with this option correct?

Hey Joshua,

If you are using Pro theme, then no problem. You can use the navigation inline element and this will display submenus.

Hope this helps.

I apologize for my ignorance but this is where I have trouble. Adding an inline menu for me adds a horizontal menu. I would like something vertical that I can make look more like this from

Hi Joshua,

To do that, you need to create your menu first per column.

Defining a Menu

Then on your Footer set up a number of Containers that will serve as the columns, you will then place a navigate inline element on each of those containers.

Set the Menu’s that you created on your Navigation Inline elements. And set the Flex Layout of those Navigations to Column.

Understanding FlexBox

Hope it helps,

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your patience:)

You’re most welcome!

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