Add text to the top of portfolio page

hi, can you help me change the portfolio page layout so that i can add some text content above the images.

thanks for the help. you guys are awesome

Hello @claywebdev,

Thanks for writing in!

This has been done before. Please check out this thread as your guide:

Take note of the stack that you use to be able to accomplish it.

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thank you. i’ll give this a go later in the week.

will it allow me to add the text in a centred column/div?

Yes. That will just depend on your content. Please just note that we can only go as far as showing how to add content above the portfolio template. It is the user’s responsibility to design and code the custom markup you’ll add to it.

In place of static HTML, you create content using the Global Blocks feature. See Once you’ve created a block, you can copy its shortcode and use WordPress’ do_shortcode function. If you’re not familiar with PHP though, I’d recommend that you consult with a third party developer to assist with custom development.


hi Christian,

Thank you for the update.
all the best


You’re welcome!

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