Add Support for Custom Featured Image Link

Does anybody know how to add a custom link to a post’s featured image? I assume you set the link url with a custom field but not sure how to write a function to take the custom field value if present. Is this possible?

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You can make use to the ACF Pro plugin for this:

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I also managed to do it with a custom page / post redirect plugin named “Page Links To” ( It worked really well and was easier I think. Hopefully the admins are OK with me posting that link as it was a very easy solution to allow me to display a page with post featured images that go to specific URLs that are not the post. In my case I am using it to display logos of companies who hold a certain certification. I needed a way to manage them that was less manual than using cornerstone sections. With the cornerstone build, when a company was added or removed they had to be manually re-sorted to posts was the way to go. Here is the page in case anybody needs similar:

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Glad you sorted things out, and thank you for sharing.


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