Add Sidebar in X-Theme on all Portfolio and Post pages

I would like to add the ability to have a sidebar on all posts and portfolio pages

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First of all, you have an old version of the theme and Cornerstone. Kindly update the theme to version 5.2.4 and Cornerstone to version 2.1.6 after having a complete backup of your website:

Now regarding the Sidebars, you will need to go to X > launch > Options > Layout and Design and make sure that the website layout is with sidebar:

Then go to X > Launch > Options > Blog and X > Launch > Options > Portfolio and make sure thelayout of those sections are retreived from the global options:

Thank you.

Thank you for your response. Looks easy enough. I have updated both Cornerstone and the X theme however I am now having issues with both the Options section and the Cornerstone loading preview as well.
I have never been able to go to options as it simply shows the status meter going all the way across but as it finishes nothing changes as it doesn’t open up the section.
Regarding the Cornerstone error, now I can’t see a preview of any of the pages as I get this message first.

Then I get this message.

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Okay. I reverted back to the old version then updated X first and then Cornerstone. I am now able to see a preview in Cornerstone but I still can’t access the options.

I have also attempted to disable all plugins but it still won’t load options nor Theme options.
Here’s what it is stuck on with continuous rotation.

Hi there,

Kindly go over the troubleshooting suggestions in this article:

In case the issue persists, please provide the FTP details of your site in a Secure Note so that we can check this further.

I am now able to see the preview. My problem now remains the original one. I want to add a sidebar to both the portfolio’s and the posts but I am unable to get options and theme options to load. I have updated both the X-theme and the Cornerstone and even tried disabling all of my plugins but when I go to “Theme Options” and even try just “Options” I get a continuous circle rotating showing it is trying to load. I even left it open for over an hour and it never did populate. Here’s what it looked like.

Hey @PAWebsite777,

Your host is blocking cornerstone-endpoint. Please contact your host to whitelist it in Mod Security.

Please also check if you have WordPress File and Folder Permissions. See this article for guidance.


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