Add other google font weights

is it possible to add missing google font weights?
I want to use Montserrat 100.
Thank you!

Hello @salilou,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Yes, you will need to use CSS for that. If you are comfortable with CSS then please take a look at following resource to lean more about font weight property.

If you can share exact page URL wherein you are using Montserrat, we can give you the required CSS.


Thank you for your fast response!
I will post the link to the development server in a secure note.
The site is under construction, so please take a look at the upper horizontal menu on the news site.
The font that shall be used globally is Montserrat 100, instead of 400.
Thank you.

And another question, please:
I use Pro Theme the first time - the possibilities are great.
On this site I want to have a mobile menu as it is already on the home page.
And a desktop menu with the identical menu toggle (hamburger/X) that shall show or fade in a horizontal top menu.
Is this possible?

Hi There,

Regarding you first question, the font Montserrat having all the font weight in the font template manager. Please choose the weight you want in the font template and it will apply to the site. No need of custom CSS.

For your second question, please send us a mockup what exactly you want to achieve for the header so that we can suggest you better. Just for the clarification, Pro header builder having endless possibility in design so you can make anything out of it.

Hope this clear now!


Thank you.

In the font manager I see only weight 400 and 700, see screenshot.

Regarding my second question I have found a solution.
I took the modal navigation element and horizontally aligned the menu items on top of the page.
Is there a better way to achieve that?
See the link in the secure note


Hi There,

What do you mean Is there a better way to achieve that? that is actually a perfect unique menu.

Sorry for the confusion, I think Basanta is using the latest beta version that is why he got all the font-weight of Montserrat, you’ll get that in the next release too.

But if you need an immediate solution for adding Montserrat font-weight 100, please add this to your child theme’s style.css file.

@import url(',100i,400');

Hope that helps,

Thank you.
Is it also possible to add the import css code to the costumizers css section or has it to be the style.css?

Hi There,

You can add it on top of the Appearance > Customize > Addtional CSS or on top of the Page CSS and/or on top of the child theme’s style.css file.

But not on the Theme Options > CSS

Hope that shed some lights,

Thank you!

You’re welcome.

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