Add Menu & Search to Content Area Off Canvas


I would like to add a mobile menu and a search bar into the Content Area Off Canvas, or I would like to add a search bar / custom HTML to the Navigation Layered. Is there a way to hook into the Navigation Layered and add custom code?



Hey Scott,

Adding elements to the Navigation elements is not possible so you’ll need the Content Area method. To achieve this, you would need to use the Global Block as sort of like shortcode generator. See

Hope that helps.

Thank You Christian! Global Blocks are awesome! Hadn’t looked into them yet but I see how powerful that is!

Is there a similar trick to moving the mobile menu into the Content Area Off Canvas?


Hi @ScottWhitaker,

You could add menu element ( Navigation Collapse, or similar ) in the global block too, then use its shortcode within the content area.

Though, if you’re referring to existing mobile menu, it’s not possible.


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