Add icon to a custom grid for essential grid

Hello support team,

I am having trouble getting an icon that links to another website in a custom grid in essential grid.

The icon does not seem to show up and the link does not work.

The essential grid is located here:

It is the essential grid named "Interviews custom"

Here is a photo of what the grid looks like

I have tried inserting the icon and link into the excerpt, meta, category list, and tag list
Nonce of them seem to show up.

Maybe I have typed something wrong.

I know that It can work as I have added tags to an essential grid when you hover over the photo here:

Any help here would be appreciated!

Hi there,

I am not sure about this, but would you please kindly do a test for us? Would you please kindly dd a test page and then add a classic section to it? To add a classic section instead of the normal section you will need to hold the CMD key on Mac or CTRL key on Windows and the Section add option turns in to Classic Section:

Then please add the Essential Grid there and see if it shows the icons.

Another point is that in the screenshot it shows the icons as squares, that shows either you did not set the font of the icon to be font awesome for example or you have a problem rendering the font icons on your server which can be solved by following the steps below:

I checked the given page but I could not see the icons to be able to follow up. If the suggestions above do not fix the issue, kindly get back to us with the step by step process of adding the icon to be able to follow up and see where is the issue.

Thank you.

Hey Christopher!

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried both methods with no luck.

I have made a video of me adding the icons.

Here is the page that the essential grid is on and I used the grid “interviews use”

Hi there,

Thank you for the video, that shed some light. Kindly check the first item here:

Few points to consider:

  • You did not use the x_icon shortcode correctly. We do not have SoundCloud icon. Here is the list of supported icons:

  • You had some invalid characters in your code. Some of the quotes were instead of ". See the first one is a little bit tilted. I am not sure why this is happening but you need to use the second quote I mentioned as the first one is not considered as the quote in HTML.

  • You should not add the code to the ID section. Only the Meta section.

Thank you.

Thank you for the help Christopher!

It is working now. Thank you!

Glad that we could be of a help :slight_smile:

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