Add data attributes to containers/elements in the future?

I can’t seem to find any resources except for a convo in '16 where you guys said adding attributes to x theme containers/elements was not possible. With HTML5 attributes being MUCH more common now: Is it now possible, or are there any plans on making it available? I’d love to use Animate On Scroll over ScrollMagic for simpler animations, but it uses attributes to do so. Figured it’d be a cool thing for people to use instead of convoluted js scenes. Thanks in advance!

Hi @jrhager84,

Thanks for reaching out.

It still not possible, HTML5 attributes are very common but cornerstone elements and containers aren’t meant to be integrated with attributes especially for integration with 3rd party features.

But, it could be possible with cornerstone addon which will be part of custom development. And we don’t provide custom development. Or perhaps your javascript libraries for animation has Class options too in addition for attributes?


The lightest-weight library only uses attributes. Do you have a link to documentation on setting up a cornerstone add-on or X pro extension (in the menu)? I’d love to explore this, because if I can integrate it, it’d be of value to more people than just myself. Thanks!

Hi @jrhager84,

It should be available here


Awesome, thanks!

You are most welcome.

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