Add content container div to Cornerstone sections


I’m trying to add a container div for content within Cornerstone sections. If I set a class in the widget, it changes the width of the entire section to that, and that’s not what I want. I want the section to still be full width, but the content in the section to be in a container. I can’t find how to add a container div to the section content - any ideas?

Setting CSS for .x-section { max-width: 660px; } changes the width of the section itself and not the content within the section.



To achieve that, there is no need for custom CSS.

You can simply to select a No Container Template

Then turn on Inner Container of your Row Element

For more information kindly refer to the link below


Hi @sarahwefald,

I see, in that case, please turn on your Advanced Mode first. You can do that by clicking the cog/gear icon and go to preference section (it’s in the first screenshot). Then toggle on the Advanced Mode, then head back to your row’s setting :slight_smile:


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