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For some reason, the wrong menu item is highlighted when I select case study. I did clear the style cache but that didn’t seem to work.

When you click on Hear from Veternarians, Case Study is highlighted in the menu.

When I select Case Study, Visit Vetcat on Facebook is highlighted.

Are you seeing the same thing?



Thank you for writing in, I see you added one (or multiple) of the IDs (casestudy) on a line element, please add your IDs on the containers instead, like on Sections or Rows. Line elements have no closing tags, so its not a good idea to make them as the anchor.

Also, please check your page Content for invalid HTML markup, you can use this tool here.


Hi Friech.

I removed the duplicate IDs and checked it against the validator tool. No further dup IDs are present, but I’m still having issues with the wrong menu item being styled to the active page/link.

Is there something else I should look at?

Hey @wbgTHEMECO,

It’s happening because you’re assigning IDs to the wrong elements, you’ve assigned IDs to the headline elements and those elements are in the same section which is not a right setup, you should assign the IDs to the entire sections instead of elements in the section to avoid the conflict.

To learn more about how to setup one page navigation correctly, please follow

Hope this helps!

Menu items for facebook, case studies and hear from colleagues all are in the same section. Is there any way to target at a more granular level elements inside a section? This has more impact on mobile since that section is quite long.

Hello @wbgTHEMECO,

Regretfully the menu items were built to respond to the sections of the page. Both the Case Study and Facebook is inside the same section. There is no way you can make those menu items active.

Hope this explain it briefly.

Okay, good to know.

TO get around the styling of the active page, but target inside the sections, I tried turning off current link and ancestory links on my nav collapsed. However, it still is trying to style the active page.

Should those toggles removing the styling of the active page?



Hello Chris,

The toggles will not remove or do what you have in mind. It is just that the menu items were only limited to work with section IDs and not with IDs of element which were added in the columns. This is something we can add to our list of feature requests. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive.

Thank you for your understanding.

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