Activating Essential Grid plugin seems to break Wordpress Classic Editor in IE 11

Just recently I noticed that if the Essential Grid plugin is installed and activated, if a user with Author capability is using Internet Explorer 11, many of the Wordpress Classic Editor functions do not work. For example, clicking on any of these buttons/links - Screen Options, Add Media, Visual/Text tabs, etc. - do nothing.

I’ve narrowed it down to Essential Grid and IE11 - deactivating EG allows IE 11 to work, and when EG is active, the editor works normally in FireFox.

This is a big problem for me though, since I’m running an Intranet site and my users exclusively use IE. Do you have any suggestions for me? If not, I will probably have to find a replacement for EG. Thank you!

Hi Christine,

Thank you for writing in, regretfully there is nothing we can do with that complication between those things mentioned.

Yes you can try other Grid plugin like The Grid, however, my personal advise is to adapt the new WP editor since that will be the native Wordpress editor going forward it will have a less conflict with Themes and Plugins than a 3rd party classic editor.

Happy New Year,

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