ACF Pro With Xtheme

I am using Xtheme Pro, And template “Blank No container Header Footer”.There is one section in my Page that I want to show with ACF PRO Custom fields on front end but it is not showing,What could b the issue ? How to show ACF pro fields on a specific section in a page ?
I want to use Shortcode on different Pages for that Section

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Thanks for writing in! You should be able to use shortcode version as follows.


Please refer to our guide for detailed information (

Hope that helps.

thanks @mldarshana, where to add backend code ? I have dded in "Blank no container header footer "template but still it is not showing in frontend using {{acf:field}}

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Carefully review the “Displaying your Field” section from the knowledge base to know more how you can properly display the field.

And please make sure that you have a child theme and place your modifications in the child theme. To know more about child themes, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

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