ACF PRO for dummies?

Is there a simple, down to earth explanation of what this extension does - and why one would want to use it - with real life examples? I kind of get it - but it’s rather convoluted, at least to me. I’m not a developer - but I know at least enough to be dangerous, but part of the reason I purchased X Pro is because it seems like something that was intuitive - and most of it is. This extension however - is for some reason difficult for me to digest. Any help would be appreciated. An AFC PRO for dummies explanation or tutorial would be much appreciated for those of us that aren’t developers.


Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! We’ve a very detailed article regarding ACF Pro extension, you can check out here

Hope this helps!

Thank you!
Don’t know how I missed this - but it’s exactly what I needed.
Much appreciated.

You’re most welcome.

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