ACF Image Insert in PRO

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I would like to insert an image - product_image into the column next to the contact form.

Please advise:

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I am not sure if understood your question very well.

But if you`re trying to add an image field in the ACF, check this article:

Now, if I am wrong, could you be more specific?

Is it possible to insert and acf image to replace the current image on the page within a shortcode?

Hi There,

Unfortunately, I am still confuse with this replace the current image on the page within a shortcode. Would you mind giving us credentials so we can check your setup? If it’s an image, how you have added it and on whicc page is this?

For the mean time please check this:
To use ACF in Cornerstone we can do it like this: {{acf:field_name}}

(…) No, this is not working for me.

Hello @cyrock,

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