ACF frontend form with Theme X


We are using ACF together with Theme X. In general this works great, but we have some issues, because we want to create a frontend post creation form based on a ACF fieldset. Some of the requirements to do so is to put the


… inside the header, but important is to put it before the


Any guides on this in a Theme X solution? Originally we wanted to do this using a shortcode for our client to be able to insert the form anywhere in the content, but it seems too hard to accomplish, so we can live with a page template.


Hey @mediegruppen,

Regretfully, we don’t have a guide for this because this is not what ACF Pro was meant to used in X. See this article.

For this, you’ll need to hire a professional ACF Pro expert.



Let me re-phrase: What do I do Theme X best practise if I want to add some custom code before the get_header();? And in case you don’t have an answer, then how do I create a new page-template equal to e.g. template-1.php?


Hi There,

Just to give you a guide, according to what stack you’re on and the template that you’re using.

You can find the related file under.

Then you can copy the template file into your child theme’s respective location and then edit.



Thanks. Is there any easy way to add my own template to this list?

Difficulty depends on the user so I’m not sure if what I’ll share with you is easy for you or not. Please follow this instruction from WordPress. Here’s a guide on customizing X. If you’re not familiar with customizing themes, it would be best you hire a web developer.


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