ACF Custom field in Tag Pages

Referring to an old contribution from me:

If you want to display a custom field on pages, is it always necessary to add the get_field code manually to the functions.php or the different templates?

Isn’t the ACF plugin not able to do this by itself when you add a new Advanced Custom Fields and the rules where it should appear?


Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing in! Currently there’s no such feature offered by ACF Pro plugin to automatically insert custom fields to your preferred areas.

Developers or the site owner have to manually add them into template files or through functions.php file.

However in Cornerstone, you can use the following method to display your custom fields.
Also refer (

Thanks for understanding!

I have added a custom field in my Tag pages.
So how can I display it without having to modify template files?

Do I have to add {{acf:category_bottom}} at the beginning of this custom field to display that text on this tag page?

The code Darshana showed you is only applicable to Cornerstone.

Elsewhere where shortcodes are accepted, you will need to use ACF Shortcodes. See

Hope that helps.

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