ACF and Pro -- quick how to?

I’ve not used ACF before, but can you outline (however fast/simple you can) that will point me to the simplest idea/way to accomplish this following task – or how it is “meant” to be done :slight_smile:

  1. create custom field group (with ACF Pro => just make the structure to hold your data)
  2. do you know of an easy / simple way to “import” data from another DB table INTO this new field group?
  3. creating a page in WP with xtheme pro == how to display data from the field group?
  4. last thing: if a page URL is like so /paramA/paramB/ is there a way to use those URL parameters to filter data?

NOTE: I know PHP and mysql very well, but I’m trying to use “tools” to help me create very nice, user friendly layouts, etc. Trying to figure out how to ‘connect the dots’

Also, I know there are tons and tons of details dealing with ACF, etc. but looking for the basic how-to stuff :slight_smile:

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! We cannot provide support for custom development as it would be outside the scope if the support. However I will answer your questions generally to get an idea.

We have a knowledge base article here on ACF Pro which covers all the basics (

With regard to import data, I suggest you to check ACF plugin forums. For example (

Displaying your custom fields and groups also covers on our knowledge base section link provided above.

To get URL parameter, you should be able to follow this (


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