Accordion Shortcode won't open after upgrade

Hello @SheilaRuth,

I am another staff, I checked your site in Google Chrome browser and builder content are loading fine and saving as well. I am using Google Chrome version 87.0.4280.141. It might be the issue if any browser extension at your end. Please make sure you have updated browser and there no browser extension installed that stops the JS file to render on the browser.


We now have 4 people on our end who’ve tried it. Of the four, three of us are having the problem with the spinning circle and are not able to edit. One was able to get the pages to load in Cornerstone. Of the three who are having the problem, one is on Windows and two are on a Mac. The person who is able to edit is on a Mac. So it doesn’t seem to be operating system-related. I’ve tried it in both Chrome and Safari on my Mac, and cannot edit in either browser, so it’s not a problem with an extension or a specific browser.

As a programmer myself, I recognize that this is the most difficult type of problem to debug - a problem that occurs for some and not others, with no apparent commonality. But it’s clear that there is a problem. I hope that you can help us track it down.

Hi @SheilaRuth,

Hope you have a nice weekend, another support staff here, at first when I check the about page I’m able to open it on Cornerstone without an issue (

But then when I check the homepage I see the error that you’re talking about, and that error is poiting to this file

When I investigated that file its broken (incomplete), but when I add a random parameter (?nocache) to its URL the file is fine. So that tells me that the broken file is a cache file. Then I did go ahead and check if you have caching plugin and saw WC3 Total cache, I purged its caches and excluded the file from being minified, but no luck the file is still broken. Do you happen to have any other caching feature on the site?

Browser’s cache could possible involve too, please do your edits in incognito/private mode for awhile.

I’ve force clearing the broken cache file by deleting the Cornerstone and reinstalling it. That seems to do the trick and I was able to open your homepage in Cornerstone with no issue (

Hope that helps,

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