Accordion can't be opened PRO V2

Here is the new thread as you guys asked for. It can’t be open on any page right now. This is after the PRO V2 latest update. There is no error jQuery errors in the log while clicking on the elements.

Recording is shared in a secure note.

Hi There,

I could see that your website is using CloudFlare.

Could you please try disabling the auto minify scripts option?

Let us know how it goes!

We do not use these settings from Cloudflare. Since as you have been saying you already minify your JS and CSS we have followed your recommendations. Neither do we use rocket loader.

Hi there,

Would you mind providing your CF login credentials as well? I just like to test it while I disable it, I’ll turn it on again after testing.

The click event for accordion works, but bound to event tracker of google analytics. Something is blocking the click event propagation for accordion toggle.


No we won’t share cloudflare login. I can set it to developer mode while you test but no we don’t share login. I will only let you login to site while I’m here so you need to respond when you want to sit and test so I can sit as a hawk eye and check nothing goes south.

Hi there,

We totally understand the case as you had a bad experience in a previous thread regarding the login information.

You also need to understand that we are limited here and me myself could not find why this is not working on your website.

Unfortunately, we cannot be of a much of a help if you do not move your website to a staging website. I know you once said some parts of the website may not work but this particular one is part of the theme and will work in the staging website.

After you moved your website we will have a better chance to check the case and test for possible plugin conflicts.

The only thing that we can suggest is:

  1. Use the Custom HTML widget instead of the text widget in the sidebar and add the shortcode.
  2. Check for possible plugin conflict cases.
  3. Test the case and add a Global Block, and in Global Block use the Accordion element. Then add the shortcode of the Global Block to the Custom HTML widget and test the case

I am afraid other than points above we can not be of a more help unless you give us a staging environment to be able to further test.

Thank you.

But now you saying a totally different thing which won’t help. If the staging is not 100% reflecting the live it’s useless to troubleshoot there. You guys should know that, if you say this plugin is the issue (can’t be) you wont see that since it will still not work on live and you´re back on square one. I don’t know how you think here…

We won’t buy all these plugins for just this issue it’s a lot of integrations and CDN domains etc and other things which won’t work on the staging and won’t reflect the reality. And I don’t see the issue why you need to do this. Disable plugins is the easy way to blame other devs.

And since there is no error in the log I don’t think there is any conflict. The conflict is then the theme not the plugins.

We can’t rebuild the whole site with global block it’s a lot of work my friend. But I see what you saying. But I still consider you can debug this without having access to all settings in wordpress. You will have access to what you need. global JS and widget and page builder. Disable plugins we won’t go that road once again and can’t give you access to that and you know why. It’s neither the way to go according to me it’s the theme not the plugins.

Let me know when you have a better solution to it. Since everything worked before theme update. It’s the theme to fix not blaming the plugins.

I’m friendly now and let you have access to what you need but still you keep on saying you want admin rights why?

  1. Already tried.
  2. Require to rebuild the whole template for something the theme update broke and is a prebuilt functionality in the theme. Not an option right now keep on digging.

So you can have access but not admin rights dunno why you keep on pushing for that or staging which won’t reflect the reality since we have layer on layer and won’t buy all plugins and another cdn setup for the staging.

It can be solved you just need to find the bug in the theme, thanks.

Hi there,

As my suggestion to your other thread, I recommend restoring your site to previous date where it’s still not updated. You said it was working before the update, then there should be no issue checking it and there is no need to deactivate plugin since it works. The purpose of staging is to test the update there, it’s not really going to be equal since we’ll be using that for comparison of what’s changed after the update. And because the issue now is in the staging (after update), then deactivating plugins in that staging should have no effect on your live site. It’s the only way to check it since the issue is only specific to you site. If still not allowed, then we can’t continue troubleshooting this issue.


No it cost us 100 working hours to fix so no man that won’t be a rolling back here. We solved all other issues as also mentioned many times. This is just 1 bug in accordion. Since you released a V2 I think you might have some bugs in the old one which the dev team didn’t cater for? Jump links should never be an issue either it’s basic and none of our sites with different themes have ever experienced this issue with jump links.

Please do not repeat your reply it’s enough with one :slight_smile: Staging is only good when it reflect reality with same plugins and setup. And disable plugins is not needed. I can give you a list of plugins that is used and you´re more than welcome to test locally on your end or staging.

Hi there,

Please consider that our theme does not have any bug or problem with the Accordion. There is a problem in your environment. We have thousands of installs and there is no problem regarding the Accordion usage.

We can not give more support for this if you do not follow our suggestions. We need to debug your website and if you refuse to give us a way to do it safely we will not be able to help you anymore.

Also, indeed it is important that you toll back to the previous version and then we check the update process as it seems clearly that the update that you have done was not correctly applied as the new version of our theme does not have any problem regarding the Accordions.

Thank you for your understanding.

The new accordion in V2 element works but not this one so I think you should look into potentially conflicts.

No roll back is not an option thanks. No we follow the book when we update expect staging since it’s not possible right now. Which is also why I went crazy when you changed name of the classes which was never mentioned in the changelog and when I got recommendations of fixes from support including these classes.

Anyhow I will test a bit more from my end and let you know. But I still think there is an issue from the update not on our end. jQuery is what is used to open and close if it would be an issue here I assume I would see an error in the console.

Now it seems to be working with html block instead of text. Tested on a few pages and it works! Strange it didn’t when I tested a few days ago. Even though clear all cache instances anyhow seems like we can close this ticket!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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