4 Questions Theme X Ethos regarding Pages/Posts

A) How can I publish posts not just on one single post page but distrubute posts on two, three or four pages? Is this achieved via Categories?

B) Right now there are four posts on: http://braschos.de/corporate-publishing/
How can I see the introducing text on this page with interlaces

C) In Corporate Publishing I show three text samples as blogs with the continue reading function.

Under Navbar „Journalism“ I would like to show a selection of 10 – 15 text samples. How do I create a nice looking pattern?

D) Problem in CSS: „Vertical aling can’t be used with display: block“ Please note screenshot. How should I adjust this?

Hi there,

A) If I am correct you want to have pagination in a single post? If that is the case, our theme does not support such a functionality and you need to use some Javascript Libraries. I suggest this google search get started.

B) I am not sure what do you mean, would please kindly give us a screenshot of what you want to achieve?

C) Again I am not sure what do you mean If it is one page you can use the Cornerstone to add separate sections. For more information kindly read the Cornerstone/ContentBuilder related articles in our knowledgebase.

D) You can not vertically center in tags that are set to display block. You need to use the flexbox in CSS. For more information:

Thank you.

Hello Christpoher,

Thank you for your reply.

Regarding A) I have already published 4 posts on page Corporate Publishing

Now I would like to publish more posts on other pages like http://braschos.de/pressearbeit/ and on page Journalismus

How do I get the post to be published on others pages, not just on Corporate Publishing?

What I want to achieve: Show text samples together with the logo of a publication with a teaser text and a continue reading function.

There could as well just be the logo/ an image of the publication to click and a link behind opening the text example.

Regarding B) For some reasons I can not separate the sentences.
in post 1 on page http://braschos.de/corporate-publishing/

I would like to see it like Screenshot 2

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) Corporate Publishing is your blog index. This is why it is displaying 5 of your latest posts. You have assigned “Corporate Publishing” page in Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > Posts Page. If you want to display the posts with “corporate publishing” (Journalismus) category only, you can simply make use of the category pages and have it as a menu item such as:

Or simply create the pages like what you have now and display the posts using the Recent Posts element in Cornerstone. You can make use of the category post in the element so that it will display by categories.

2.) The blog index and archive pages will only display the excerpt. The excerpts were taken from the first 55 words (or more) from you post contents. The new lines, line breaks and shortcodes will be ignored when the excerpt is displayed. If you want to separate the excerpts with phrases, new lines or line breaks, you can insert a manual excerpt instead. Manual Excerpts are optional hand-crafted summaries of your content that can be used in your theme. Learn more about manual excerpts.

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks RueNel,

it is still unclear to me if all the posts will appear in the chosen „Corporate Publishing“ page or if I can write new post and choose another page i.e. http://braschos.de/journalismus/ to see specific posts displayed only there.

There is no point for me to show text samples regarding Journalism or Presswork in Corporate Publishing or vice versa.

Hello There,

I will compare your pages:

http://braschos.de/journalismus/ - This is just a normal page. You can make use of the editor or Cornerstone to build a normal page.

http://braschos.de/corporate-publishing/ - This is your blog index page. The blog index page will display all your posts regardless of the category. You cannot use the editor or Cornerstone to edit the page because the post were dynamically generated by the blog index template.

If I were to display posts in my normal pages, I would do the following:
1.) Create a new page called “Blog”.
2.) I will go to Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays > Posts Page and assign the newly created page “Blog”.
3.) The “Corporate Publishing” page will now be just another normal page.
4.) I will edit “Corporate Publishing” page using Cornerstone and I will use recent posts element to display all the posts that is only related to “Corporate Publishing”.
5.) I will edit “Journalismos” page in Cornerstone and use recent posts element to display all the posts that is only related to “Journalismos” category.

Hope this make sense.

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