3 column layout in template library

I have standard X and I’m looking for a simple two or three column layout but cannot find any in the template library. Are any available? Are any available on pro?

I want to do three columns with an image in each column and some text below each image with a button. For example: FAQ, Hair Cair Tips, Testimonials.

Hi @spencey,

Thank you for writing in, there are available column content templates on X and PRO starter pack. Please see the Template Manager

If none of the templates there that you’re looking for, you can easily create a three columns or two columns row with images, text, and button element in it.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Interface Introduction
Cornerstone / Content Builder - Layout
Cornerstone / Content Builder - Elements

Hope it helps,

what search criteria do I need to use to find them?

Hi @spencey,

There are several starter pack available and you can check each one of them and see which fits more to the layout that you want to use for the site.

You may preview the starter pack when you hover to the Preview column:

Hope this helps.

I looked through the templates and couldn’t find something that could quickly replicate the layout of the our services seciton on this site:

Hi @spencey,

Please see the clip my colleague provided on your other thread on how to recreate a 3 columns layout.

The 3 Columns template block that you’re looking for has long gone. In favor of the new Content Template in Template Manager.

Thank you for understanding,

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