2018 version tutorial / course available

Is it any tutorial or online course with the 2018 version available? All I could find online is under old versions and the instructions do not match with what I have on my admin panel and admin features.
Please add a link where I can learn how to start using this 2018 version of X and cornerstone. Thanks

Hello @caroline739,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Readable tutorials in text format has been updated in our KB. I do agree that video contents need to be updated as UI and functionalities have changed.

Let me share the our future plan in this regard. We are working to update Themeco website with complete new design. Also to make KB more accessible we plan to move KB from Apex forum to our new website. In first phase of the of the new KB we will have all text format tutorials and in second phase we will have the updated videos in relevant articles. However, in the overlap period till new videos are released our customer will be able to access old recorded videos.

In the meantime I encourage you to explore our KB:

One more handy source to video tutorials I came across recently is a channel on YouTube and the creator has published some very informative video tutorials for X and Pro Theme. Here is the channel link. You can also search on YouTube for more video tutorials.


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