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    Hello. I am wanting to create a section on my About Us page that is a 4-per-row thumbnail gallery of staff headshots (with captions) that when clicked opens a lightbox with a larger image and short bio, and nav arrows (like in a slider) on left & right sides that allows user to page between staff in lightbox mode. Like this site if you scroll about 60% down: example page.

    I realize this will take custom development. My question is which tool/element in Cornerstone (or combo of) do you recommend I use to best achieve this? Block grid? Slider? Image gallery? shortcode in a text box? short code in a raw element? something else entirely? 3rd party plugin?

    thx again.



    Hi There,

    For the default display, we can use the Image element, then headline element and text element. For columns, we may set section to have 4 columns.

    For lightbox check this guide:

    Hope this helps.



    Do you mean that you would start with a 1 column fullwidth text or raw code element, and then use the column shortcode and then within those the image, headline, text and lightbox shortcodes?

    Or are you suggesting using a 4 column 4 with image, headline and text elements in each one, and then (somehow?) adding the lightbox shortcode to these?



    You can disregard my question above. I figured out how to create what I needed using ConvertPlug.




    Glad to hear that you were able to fix this.

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This content is old and no longer supported. We invite you to check out our new community and forums, Apex.

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