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    Sarah E

    I’m having this problem too – slider extends full width…



    Michal K

    Turning off the caching plugin did not help 🙁


    Paul R

    Hi guys,

    The new version Revolution Slider V5.0.4.1 is a big change for the plugin and they made some weird breaking changes, so updating to itself was probably the cause of these issues.

    You need to update, tweak or recreate your slide and slider settings to fix these issue.

    Please note that Revslider is a third party plugin and we have no control over the code changes and version release of this plugin.



    Michal K

    Dear Staff. We understand it is a 3rd party plugin. Thank you for you support so far. Lots of us has done “update, tweak or recreate” + dealt with cashing. Did not help. As we cannot open a support ticket with theme punch (rev.slider plugin author), as we don’t have an individual license, can you please open a ticket for the whole community here at X Theme? There is no other way for us to get proper support.




    I agree with Michal.
    This is a big issue, can you support us?



    Hello there,

    I have to re-do every single slide of the six sliders I have.

    What a mess…but at least, and I don’t know why, probably doing what shooted here: , everything is working fine now.

    I had to manage how to work with the new interface of the plug-in but playing around things the main slider is working fine now.

    Best regards,



    Michal K

    I created a new slider, but still nothing – no image shows up.




    I logged into your site and noticed that out of the 45 plugins you have running, you have multiple plugins that handle caching/CDN related functions (i.e. W3 Total Cache, Jetpack, et cetera). Upon turning off both W3 Total Cache and Jetpack, I was able to get a slider appearing on my test page I created here:

    I have reactivated W3 Total Cache and Jetpack and the slider is still showing (it wasn’t before I disabled these). It is important to keep a full inventory of all the plugins on your site that perform functions especially if they overlap, so that we can more effectively help you troubleshoot these issues. While WordPress is meant to be extensible, having this many plugins active at a time can be problematic for these very reasons.

    It is important to remember as we have reiterated here that the team behind Revolution Slider have implemented some “breaking changes” with v5.0 that we have no control over as a theme provider. We do not alter the functionality of Revolution Slider at all within X, so it is not something that we interfere with at all. As we have stated before, in our testing these problems seem to be related with the following:

    1. The breaking changes in Revolution Slider itself.
    2. Caching/CDN related issues (which your issue seemed to be).

    We are going to be writing a more in-depth write-up on this in the next response here to hopefully give more information to our users on this.





    I wanted to take a moment to write everyone on this thread and get some information out in a more consolidated location regarding the recent Revolution Slider update, and perhaps clarify various aspects of how X works with Revolution Slider within the theme.

    Revolution Slider v5.0 is ostensibly a big rewrite of the plugin. It has a completely overhauled admin interface along with a lot of new features. When updating ourselves, we ran into many breaking changes, many of which some of our users are writing in about themselves. Regretfully, since we have no part in how Revolution Slider is developed, we have no control over these breaking changes or how they will play out on your website. The reality of updating to a completely revamped version of this plugin is that you will likely experience some issues doing so.

    X bundles Revolution Slider with the theme, but does not make any alterations to the plugin in any way. This means that updating Revolution Slider to v5.0 is independent of the theme update. So far in our testing, none of the problems we’ve encountered have been related to X. Rather, they are related to the plugin itself and environment conditions.

    In our experience and testing, we’ve come across a few issues with v5.0 of Revolution Slider. Below I will outline these issues and the solutions we’ve found to work for ourselves and other users:

    1. Fullwidth Sliders – If you have a slider that is extending beyond the bounds of your website and is going the full width of the browser window, this is an issue we experienced ourselves when updating some of our demo installations. To solve this issue, simply save the slider again and this appears to reset the dimensions properly.
    2. Sliders Not Appearing or Loading Constantly – If your slider does not appear on your website or seems to be “stuck” in the loading state, this is most likely due to a caching or CDN related issue. To troubleshoot this, deactivate all plugins that have anything to do with setting up CDN or caching functionality. Remember that plugins like Jetpack has CDN related features, so it is important to take stock of all the plugins within your installation and what they do to ensure that you have properly deactivated all plugins. Once you do this, you will likely be able to turn them back on and have your sliders working, but if not, you may have to adjust the settings in these plugins. If you have many plugins running in your installation (i.e. 10+) and the problem still persists, try disabling all plugins and re-enabling them one by one to find where the problem might be.
    3. Layer Styling or Animations Changed – We also experienced this ourselves when updating across many of our demos sites. Some of our layers were overlapping, their positioning had changed, their animations were altered, or they disappeared when we meant for them to stay on screen. Regretfully, these isn’t much we can provide here in the way of specifics since each situation is unique and the reason why one styling might be off could be different from the next (we encountered many different problems that simply required us to play around with settings and dig into the nature of the changes and what might have happened).

    Again, in all of our testing, we have not found any of these issues to be related to X, especially due to the fact that X does not interface with Revolution Slider in any way, so the likelihood of collisions or problems are very minimal. Instead, everything we have encountered simply has to do with the fact that v5.0 of Revolution Slider is a significant upgrade to the plugin and there were breaking changes implemented.

    If you have followed all of the steps listed above carefully and researched your problem in full and altered your slides and are still experiencing issues, we ask that you do the following:

    1. Open a new thread. Piling on new responses into one thread only makes it harder to support everyone in a timely fashion and more difficult to accurately assist you.
    2. Be specific. Posting “my slider doesn’t work” does not give us much to go on, and not only makes it longer for us to troubleshoot things, but also means that you will have to wait longer for a response. Providing us with detailed information on the nature of your problem is required for us to assist you in a timely and effective manner. Provide information such as the page where the slider is located, the specifics of the problem (i.e. animations have changed, elements are disappearing, styling is off, images not showing, et cetera). The more detailed, the better, as it means we do not have to guess what it is you’re trying to fix.
    3. Tell us what you’ve tried. Let us know that you’ve gone through the steps listed above.
    4. Double-check the steps listed above. It’s easy to miss things sometimes, especially if you have a lot going on in your installation. For instance, if your slider isn’t showing up but you say you’ve disabled all caching plugins and the problem persists, make sure you don’t have something like Jetpack enabled, which contains CDN features which could also be creating a problem. Be thorough in your personal troubleshooting so you have information to bring to us to work with.

    We are dedicated to serving our customers and helping them out with their support requests. While these problems are not related to X, since Revolution Slider is bundled with the theme, we want to make sure that things are in order as much as we can do. While we cannot help you restyle your individual layers or piece your sliders back together, we will certainly work with you to get your sliders visible again to the point where you can begin working on them. We understand the inconveniences these breaking changes can cause and are here to help get things visible and working again so that you can make any further changes if needed.

    Hopefully this all helps to explain the situation of Revolution Slider v5.0 in more detail. I am going to be locking down this thread per the request for any new issues to be opened up in a new thread after trying the troubleshooting suggestions listed above. Thanks!

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