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    We wanted to provide some insight on using the forum: how to search, how to create a topic, how posts are answered, how to find your topics, how to post sensitive information (logins), and how to quickly find answers to the majority of your questions.


    Once you conduct a search, you will be presented with numerous possible results for your question. Keep in mind that to see the entire thread you must click the title of the thread as shown in the “Title Of Thread (LINK)” below. The search functionality browses both our Knowledge Base and Forum and is filled with over 60,000 answered threads and articles. Please always start here as chances are your question has already been asked and answered.


    To create a new topic, simply scroll to the bottom of the forum homepage where you will first select whether your questions is related to X or Cornerstone or neither. You will then be presented with an input field that says, Create New Topic in “Support Center.” If you are asking a question that has to do with your site, please post a URL so as to not delay a response. Be sure to first use the forum search before posting a new topic.


    Our staff answers questions from oldest to newest. Working out of a customized version of the forum, we are able to see threads by age and answer the oldest threads first. Forum response time can take up to 24 hours Monday through Friday and can be longer on the weekend. Complex questions may take longer. While in the past we requested for users not to “bump” their threads by adding to it until they hear back from one of our staff, we now have a mechanism in place where you can post a follow up question/comment should you need to, and it will not reset your time back to 0. While it is recommended to simply type one response and wait for our staff reply, should you need to add anything additional, you now can without the potential for a delay. Yay for technology!


    You can find your topics in one of three places.

    1) By clicking MY TOPICS on the forum index:

    2) By clicking your NAME anywhere you see it listed:

    3) By clicking the ACCOUNT button at the top of the page then clicking VIEW ACTIVITY:


    If you are going to post login or other sensitive information, please start a new thread by stating your question (no login information in the first post) then immediately add a reply with your login information and be sure to select the checkbox “Set as private reply”. This will make it so that only our staff can see your information. Be sure that all login information is set to private as this is a public forum.


    With thousands and thousands of answered threads, the majority of questions have already been asked and answered in the forum. Please be sure to start your search there. Secondly, our Knowledge Base is updated very often and includes video tutorials, step-by-step walkthroughs, articles, and more. Each time a new resource is added or updated you will see a note on that page.

    Thank-you for being a part of our community!

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