Imagine being able to buy a theme that had multiple unique designs built right into it. We call these individual designs Stacks, and they provide you with completely unique website designs built into the powerful X theme. Each Stack has its own look and feel allowing you to create virtually any look you desire. Next, imagine each Stack was expertly crafted by leading industry professionals adhering to all the best development and business practices so as to not only give you a nice looking site but one that is optimized for performance, search engine visibility, and built with all the latest features and functionality.

Finally, imagine that you were also provided with unprecedented controls that allowed you, with the simple click of the mouse, to make an endless amount of adjustments to your site. Want the header fixed and huge on the left? No problem. Want it floating and skinny at the top? You bet. Want the max width of your site to be only 500 pixels? You got it. How about a cool textured background or image? Absolutely! Even better, you have four completely unique Stacks to chose from with EACH allowing this level of control. We’ve put together dozens of demo sites to give you just a sample of what you can achieve with X. Click the pictures below to learn more about the unique design and functionality found within each Stack.

Integrity Features Renew Features
Icon Features Ethos Features

NOTE: Stacks are something developed exclusively for X by Themeco. They are not to be confused with child themes which is something you can still use (and we recommend using) with X. Simply put, Stacks are the names given to the individual designs built into the theme.